09 March 2021

Drawing Tuesday - "a number"

42 comes to mind... (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/42_(number))
infinity (is that a number?)
ratios (think: golden square)
binary numbers - 0, 1, 10, 11, 100, 110, 111, 1000............ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_number)
magic squares, eg the one under the bell in Durer's Melancholia

Jasper Johns' many paintings and drawings of numbers...

Charles Demuth's glorious number 5 -

And a short video about making a fragmented drawing based on it.

From Ann -  Loved just shifting the numbers 5 and 2 around and colouring in!

From Sue K - l settled into a Bemuth influenced sketch. Enjoyed jiggling with geometrics then fathoming where to lay the emphasis colour-wise. This brass template proved useful!

From Gill - This is the number on my front door.
Also the number of hours in a day and the number of karats that represent 100% pure gold.
This is another drawing over an old one as there are lots of plants in my home. 
At least 24!

From Carol - Something simple and not very high-brow, 5 funny bunnies – well Easter is on the way.

From Judith - drawing numbers didn’t do it for me so I walked round the garden (dry enough at last)

From Joyce - here’s my house number, after Charles Demuth

From Janet B - I followed the link to the  video  and here is my fragmented 28. 

From Janet K - Janet and the date (2/3/21) in 1s and 0s. Thanks to Perseverance for the idea.

From Mags (busy with other things) - I didn’t think I’d get round  to  ‘ Numbers’.  However ,  on a quick walk around the  Rec,    found  these varied    chalk  hopscotch  drawings.  Not seen a circular one before.

From Richard - On the nominal sketching Tuesday I ‘attended’ by web-cam my cousin Tom’s funeral. Very sadly, he died of covid-19 at the age of 60. Contemplation of that led to this late arrival at the numerical ball. An architect’s stencil and pens give a gentle result on watercolour paper.

From me - I started out doing "something fragmented" but using scissors and bright origami paper. This Review cover was inspiration 

One distraction led to another - I never did "fragment and interchange" the numbers, instead I played around with the negative spaces (leftover paper after cutting out) and made a colourful little book based on some of the pages from a previous Review (because the dense text made a good background) -

It's all a bit fiddly and over-busy. My favourite page is the simplest -

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