17 September 2019

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

Ancient Cyprus was the gallery for meeting up.

These statues caught my eye, and I hoped to draw half a dozen of them
 but time permitted only three, in two brownish colours of inktense pencil -
Jo, kept outside the building by a horde of people simultaneously arriving by coaches and needing to pass through the narrow gate of the security bag-check, found some ideal subjects in some builders, who stood still for a long time -
 and, more lively, some young women eating their lunch -
Janet B didn't have the problem of the subject moving - this portrait was done in stone, in ancient Cyprus -
 She rendered the jugs in 6B pencil -
 Janet K captured a variety of painted or sculpted animals -

 Judith found a triple-bodied warrior -
 and a young Roman man -
The variations of colour are from wetting the ink (Rotring cartridge).

Extra-curricular activities

Jo acquired a Thames foreshore permit

Janet B has been making banana bread -
Janet K took her sketchbook to Kew Gardens and looked at different types of foliage, including some that we identified as Metasequoia (dawn redwood) -
The group is meeting without me for the next two weeks and I hope someone will be taking photos!

13 September 2019

Heading to the edge of the earth

... to Finisterre, on foot from Santiago de Compostela. Not a long walk, but I may be gone for some time. 

The aim is to post pix on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/margaretcooter/

11 September 2019

Woodblock Wednesday - lurid distraction

Meeting at my place for woodblock printing on non-class Wednesdays, Veronica is focusing on printing yet another revision of her lilies, and they look more gorgeous all the time.
 I was a bit distracted by the imminent arrival of my sister and nephew, flying from Vancouver to go walking in northern Spain, but did print a few mountains on pages from a japanese book, including some rather lurid ones -
 Also I found some samples of mounts and tried out a few mountains in them -
 and some interstellar scenarious in others -
Classes resume of 25 September ... I'm looking for a new project ...

10 September 2019

Drawing Tuesday - V&A

The ceramics department of the V&A always offers a lot of scope. I had figurines in mind, for some crazy reason, but definitely not this bunch -
 I did quite like this commedia dell'arte family -
 and "woman with a fish"
 but settled on these two...

 and couldn't resist the mythological(?) creature on this bowl -
They all fit on a page, and turned out rather pale...
Carol was bold -
 Joyce found pomegranates -

Sue's choice was a large sculpture by Peter Voulkos, "Standing Form" -
 ... and a teapot with orange peel glaze by Peter Meanley, 1994 (he's been a saltglaze teapot maker for several decades now) -
Najlaa found patterned plates by Patrick Caulfield (1992) and Peter Ting (1997) -

Janet K started with a couple of heads
 ... and moved on to a form by Merete Rasmussen -
 Judith liked the collection of shapes
 ... and the patterning of a huge plate that hangs on the wall -

 Extracurricular activities 

Carol had a vintage railway experience -

Janet K spent a family-filled fortnight at a cabin on a lake in Canada - this is the "shed" in its back yard -

09 September 2019

Bit of a tidy up

When visitors are expected, you tidy up a little, yes? And when they are houseguests, you clean properly...

I got carried away.

It all started with the clearing of the desk on 24 August. The desk has been clear ever since and the bare expanse of gleaming wood has made me smile with the pleasure of seeing it. But the area(s) beside the desk were suboptimal
5 Sept
 and they got a bit of a tidy-up - heaps were sifted through, and the recycling basket started filling up...
6 Sept, am
The parcels that had waited for months to be mailed were sent. The magazines were culled, and the space behind the chair was rationalised so that 3 years of World of Interiors is completely hidden ...
6 Sept, pm
If the gleaming desk made me happy, the bare floor doubled that joy!

Which left the rest of the room...

With the coffee table cleared and moved out of the way, the rug could get a good hoovering -
and could be rolled up, and the underlay folded up to be replaced by a new one that's been waiting for this moment for at least a year.
To get at the rug I had to move the chairs, and almost - almost - started to sort out those vases etc ... but reason (and pressure of time) prevailed. The chairs were simply replaced.
Back to normal, as ready for inspection as it ever would be...
... and only just in time!

08 September 2019

Enduring thoughts

Finding things as I clear out a few drawers... this little book was my New Year greeting card as we entered the 21st century -

And there were more inside! -
Of those, my current favourite is from George Bernard Shaw -
We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without produing it.

07 September 2019

Studio Saturday - mornings in the studio

It's so enjoyable to sit in the studio every morning - with my back to the mess that must be tackled someday. The table by the window is mostly clear - but this week there were lots of shavings from the "Anni" woodblock
 Kinda like a great cloud tumbling over a tiny landscape...

One bit of fooling around involved cutting holes from magazines - I wanted circles that were part dark, part light -
 Nice big punch -
 Strange things appear through the holes -
 and the cut pages can be arranged "interestingly" -

 as can the circles
Not sure where this is going! Waiting to see where it might lead...

This is a collection of bits of blue tape removed from my cutting mat -
 and a rubbing taken. Again, just play.

The worktop was clear enough, thanks to a burst of clearing up and throwing out, for laying out some inky drawings that surfaced -
 "channeling Munakata and Carli Accardi". And using "chinese money".

Sometimes I spend rather too long looking at instagram, and sometimes an image calls out to me -
After awkwardly starting drawing in the little notebook, I found that if I "liked" doing it, it flowed. Looking harder made it look better. I'm quite pleased with the results -