On the Edge of Silence 2016

For the 2016 CQ challenge, size 100cm x 60 cm. The edge consists of pages of Roget's Thesaurus, woven and machine stitched: behind is a double layer of baking parchment, loosely hand stitched. I was thinking about how words can fail us, both in emotional situations and due to dementia.

Journal Quilts 2015

The size was 12"x6". These consist of synthetic fabric, gathered and steamed (to hold the gathers). Pieces of fabric were appliqued before gathering, and/or joined on a background afterwards.

Journal Quilts 2014 - "High Horizons"

 8" x 8", with a line running across each

"Hatching" was made in 2009 for the CQ "Breakthrough" challenge and is one of the
many art quilts in Linda Seward's "The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilt Techniques" book (2014)

Journal Quilts 2013 - "Olives"
The size is A4; the quiltlets became more abstract as the year went on. Some are painted onto fabric.

Journal Quilts 2012 -  Stellar Sunrise 
A4-sized; paper circles tucked in between strips of fabric

Memory Maintenance I (2013) 50cm  x 33cm

Rainstorms (2008)
Celtic Connections: Iron Age (2009) 60 cm square

The Other Side of the River (2006) 90cm x 49cm
After the Rain (1.5m long) sold
A Rumination of Roses (2006) sold
Blown Away (2006) sold


Julierose said...

I have just found your blog and I really have enjoyed reading about art in UK. I love the organic look and feel of your quilts. thank you for sharing...julierose

Jean Sredl said...

Your work is exquisite & your technique great