29 January 2020

Woodblock Wednesday - another block cut, another bit of confusion

(Some of this is repetition from last week - I haven't quite "processed" it yet!)

This time I'm using the hanshita method, in hopes of better alignment. Usually the hanshita is the ink drawing that is pasted down and used for the key block, and once that is cut, the prints are used for subsequent blocks.  I made several prints from my block and used one, gluing it on with nori, letting it almost dry, then rubbing off the paper but leaving a thin layer with the ink lines -
Before I could cut, I needed to decide which jugs would go on which block, and spent the week thinking about colour and using my yummy new tubes of watercolour to get a feel for what might work in the print -
Cleaning up the key block -
Working on the light box (rather than on a rubbing) and trying to get the colours of the jugs separated -
Adding handles makes a difference -
 The key block has two striped pots - I feel the need for more stripes -
Added outlines - are they necessary? -
This colourway is based on a couple seen on the street, he in three shades of grey with a bit or orange (labels), and she in two shades of aqua with a pink hat -
That gets the jugs onto three blocks, and the "mouths" onto two other blocks. Is there an easier way?

After cutting some of the mouths, and leaving the background....
... I took the quandry to class and made a little progress. It helps to see things in a different environment.
 The mouths were printed (oops that's upside down) -
 ...to look like this -
Another hanshita is glued down on the other side of the plate, but I'm not quite sure what's to be cut away -
Carol showed some work by students (she teaches at Morley, Art Academy, and City Lit) -

 ... and during an idle moment an accidental collage revealed itself in a magazine that way lying around -
 After class I needed a walk to clear the cobwebs and found myself in Intaglio, buying another "thick" sheet of shina ply -
"Just in case"...

28 January 2020

Drawing Tuesday - King's Place

The level 1 gallery at King's Place has a good show - or had? I can't find information about it!  I was so busy looking at the work that I was late starting my own work, which was based on Bryan Kneale's giraffe skeleton drawing -

close up

a pale imitation
Others had been elsewhere ....
Lynn Chadwick sculpture by Janet K
"I liked the designs" said Sue

One of the Jeff Lowe pieces, by Joyce

Carol tackled the architecture

Judith's rhino, two ways

Two views of Julie Brook's "burning stacks" by Jo
 Drawings from the David Nash exhibition in Eastbourne -

Janet K
I had been to see that exhibition earlier, and did some quick drawings in the small sketchbook -
small pieces

A "leaner" in the corner, and  "Platter and Bowl" 1988
The cafe terrace was delightfully colourful on a grey day! (drawn sitting down, photographed standing up) -

Further extracurricular activities from the group, in paper and stitch -

25 January 2020

Whatever happened to Studio Saturday?

My weekly resume of art/making "progress" has stalled. Not because of lack of progress - things are getting done - but ... why? what's the problem?

The problem is lack of time and motivation to sit down at the computer. Pix get posted to instagram (@margaretcooter), though I try not to post more than once a day. Thoughts, which used to get organised via this blog, are all over the place. Messages get sent, email gets read, on the phone.

And when I do sit down at the computer, how easy it is to get distracted! Watching wolf puppies playing fetch, for instance, or checking out a newly-encountered artist (this one or that one, for instance - or some other). Or finding a recipe, or two. Or silly stuff. (Watching Gresham lectures is also done on the computer, but of an evening, as an adjunct to stitching etc.)

(It's been rather distracting to find those links, for instance.)

What's been happening in the studio since 7 December?

No pots have been made at the ceramics studio. I feel bad about that, but haven't had a compelling creative pot-related thought (though finding the photo has stirred the creative juices -.

"Sewing studio" activity has been ramped up by attending a course on making a trouser block (like this), and making zipped and drawstring bags for Christmas, as well as patchwork balls for the grandbaby.
Recommended by the tutor
Saves on wrapping paper! Quick to make, and
reduces the fabric stash

So many little pieces!
Even smaller pieces! And some of these needed
unpicking so that the same patterns didn't touch
Place mats at and tablecloth were made -
From a remnant and some shirts

Lithuanian linen, careful not to spill anything....

Sewing studio set-up

And the art studio? That has moved from the frontroom table -
 into the capacious but crowded "studio/storage room" -
The table under the window is sometimes overcrowded -
 and sometimes under control -
 "sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits" -
 ... or I gets on with it ...
 Playing with new tubes of watercolour paint -
Currently the project is to figure out how to set out the detail blocks for "the jugs" woodblock print -
Colouring-in, hours of pleasure!

23 January 2020

Poetry Thursday - found on instagram

So visual. Such a picture from my own Canadian childhood - my family were immigrants, though there was no grandfather, and we only passed through Montreal on the way west to Vancouver. Growing up, there were many neighbours from other parts of the world, and England - the other side of the world, it seemed - was for me one of the exotic places. Now I live in England! As I get older even the familiar places are starting to reveal their exotic undercurrents, things to make you wonder.

22 January 2020

Woodblock Wednesday - first proofs of keyblock

Last Wednesday evening I was this far with cutting the block -
... and as the week went by it gradually got done ...
 The stripes appeared during the clearing of the shapes on the left, and spread to the shapes on the right. Sometimes the work tells you what to do!
 A rubbing -
 Hmm, these colours that were flung together on my dish drainer might be nice to use....
 At last, printing! I was thinking of doing the hanshita method of transferring, hoping that it would make registration more accurate, so I printed several sheets of medium-weight (tosa washi) and of light-weight paper that came to hand (unknown origin).
The thicker paper

The thinner paper
Today in class I used a tosa washi print as the basis for the second block -
Trying a corner to see if the paper is dry enough to lift properly,
i.e. leaving a thin layer with the print on the block

Most of the extra paper pulled off cleanly - using a rubber helped

But what will the second block consist of? Even after some "colouring in" to sort out the stripes and solids and colours of necks for the jugs, I'm not sure how to proceed, and as for what colours to use for printing - that's a ways down the road...