04 May 2006

Dyeing to be spontaneous

After muttering and mumbling about how dull and predictable and routine my days are, I was told (rather briskly) to stop thinking about it and go do something spontaneous. So when I saw on Marion's blog that she'd soaked some fabric in soda ash, wrung it out, put it in a container, and poured dye on it - it took mere moments for me to do the same. Here are the results --The dye is Procion MX deep black 609. That powder, used for container dyeing, produces a range of blues, purply-browns, and olive greens. Magic!A closeup of the fabric when dry. This'll fit in with those photos of fog in Pitt Meadows that have been intriguing me since experiencing it in November. But are these sort of results repeatable -- and manipulable?

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