20 December 2007

Fabric houses

"Red mailbox " is part of Jeanelle McCall's First Street Series. You can see the rest of the street here.It sent me hunting for more fabric houses.

This one is by Jane LaFazio - it includes lemon rind buttons and punched tin.
Tonya has done a Hallowe'en quilt with various imaginative wonky houses; you can see the whole quilt on her website:
And there are all the quilt block patterns showing houses. If you google "house quilt" you'll see a huge variety; I do prefer the non-standard layouts, rather than repetitions of a block. This one by Kristin Pollen is made of Japanese fabrics:
Or how about a block of the month house sampler? Several are available here:
Schoolhouses are popular; the history of this historical "quilt of the month" is given on the Quilt Study Centre website:
Judi Gunter teaches a workshop on how to make this miniature schoolhouse quilt:
Even bird houses can be represented in fabric:
This birdhouse quilt is a jolly variation of log cabin:

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Tonya Ricucci said...

I can see why the First Street Series caught your eye - what lovely fiber pieces. I'd love to see those in person. Thanks for the shoutout.