03 June 2008

Sculpture trail

The Norfolk village of Bergh Apton puts on a sculpture show every few years--
The lovely grounds of some fine old houses get filled with sculpture - and visitors -
The woods and fields around the Manor House were full of interesting work by students at the Norwich School of Art and Design, including these turf pyramids -
a number of eggs (broken and put together again) hanging from a tree that had a birdhouse already in it; about a dozen clay hands waving, not drowning, in the long grass of the field; an installation with silk banners; this figure looming over and shadowed in the lake -
and this understatement -
Elsewhere in smaller gardens, smaller but no less thought-provoking works (this one by Ann-Mari Stevens) -And who can resist playing statues?The lissome lady is by Vanessa Pooley. The sculpture trail is also open on 7 and 8 June.


artmixter said...

Margaret Cooter, you were in Norfolk and you didn't come to visit me and my shed???????????? Tut.

Frieda Anderson said...

I love this sculpture, and the poses. I often do the same thing. Lovely blog. I will be in England this summer at the Birmingham show. Laura Wasilowski and I are vending there with lots of hand dyed fabrics and threads. Please let all your quilt friends know.