06 October 2009

Turner Prize time again

My recent bedtime listening, the arts programme Nightwaves on BBC Radio 3, had an item about the Turner Prize last night. It's always worth going along to that exhibition, if only to earwig on visitors' comments.

The reviewer said her favourite was Richard Wright's intricate in-situ paintings - delicate, ephemeral (it all gets painted over afterwards). This is one of his works on paper -Several degree shows this summer had gorgeous wall paintings - painted away afterwards. Solves the storage problem? At one show, a huge "house of cards" made of porcelain tiles was destroyed on the last day - the crashes drew crowds, who walked on the tiles to reduce them further. (That dust can be reused.)

Other Turner Prize contenders are young artists Lucy Skaer and Roger Hiorns, Enrico David. See their work here. (Age limit is 50 - Wright is 49.)

This drawing is part of Skaer's The Seige -And the year-by-year blow-by-blow of the Turner Prize (worth £25K, and so much publicity!) is here.

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