27 April 2012

Decisions about couching

Until I figure out how to do the couching project -- working title, Journey To The Studio -- I can't get on with actually doing it. These samples explore background and type of thread - 
 Front and back, on repurposed linen and colourcatcher, using rayon cord and various couching threads -
Just add ink and it looks rather different! Mostly I put the ink on the back so that it could seep through the fabric, hopefully leaving the thread the original colour - and making the rather messy back a nice, uniform black. Type and consistency of ink make a difference.

I like the ikat effect of the seeping ink into linen that's been sprayed with water before the ink is added, and also the way that sometimes the colour of the couching thread is left.

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I wonder if this would discharge as James Hunting does, I think these pieces Margaret are fabulous.