28 December 2012

Art I like - Sungyee Kim

meditation 12/domino 3, 2010, sumi ink and mixed media on panel, 30x30 (image from here)
"In her densely layered paintings, artist Sungyee Kim incorporates the principles of I Ching with the Taoistic pursuit of becoming one with material as in the Transformation of Things, the Buddhist concept of the whole universe within a single dust particle and the sword-polishing spirit of traditional metal-smiths. The result of these repetitive yet unique gestures of layering and erasing is an aesthetic residue which visualizes a consistent mind of self-cultivation. In both form and content, her paintings enact the coexistence of material presence and illusion, reflecting the inherent connectedness of microcosm and macrocosm."

The paintings provide a way to lose yourself in their intricacies. The slide show of her work (see it here) is entrancing, soothing, hypnotic.

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