04 July 2014

Structured Textiles class - week 4, final class

Possibilities for the day
 I'd been up early, getting a few things ready - stitching a dull sample from the previous class to paper, with a view to giving it a good press and then removing the paper, for instance - and folding up different types of synthetic for colouring in the heat press and/or steaming.
Stitched with neon thread ... and needing other bright accents

More neon thread, with a view to using the yellow thread for gathering and leaving the orange threads in

First results from the steamer - a velvet scrap and a composite piece
 A simple technique - making slots in paper and pulling fabric through -
So I tried it, with a view to getting some colour onto the top "puffs" and also onto the spread of fabric below. To catch some of the excess colour from the transfer-painted sheet, there's a layer of metallic organza over the puffs -
After the heat press, the reveal

I coloured several sheets with diagonal stripes, using a battered, spiky old paintbrush, for colouring the folded sheer fabrics, with more or less subtle effects ... and found that the little plastic stars on one of the sheers melted in the heat press and stuck to the paper, what a mess -
However that strip, along with some thread circles, coloured the satin acetate and a silvery fabric; the circles stuck to the sticky bits of the coloured paper -
 Pole wrapping some of the sheers; they've been folded in various (bookish) ways before wrapping -
 and have become ... quite different ...
Some of the pole-wrapped pieces are still to be opened up
 "One I prepared earlier" got coloured yellow ... and some of the blue from the protective sheet bled through, which makes for interesting effects. I'll add more stitching and gathering, and steam it later (just to see what happens) -
A show'n'tell of our day's work -
all my bits ... now what ...
Norma's georgette looked beautiful without colour - she was brave, though, and
decided to take the plunge - doesn't it look great? And it's wonderful in motion...
Margaret's experiments with fine steel mesh and colour 
Antonia and Nicky - colourful and crinkly
Ann used all sorts of inclusions
Clara's layered colours worked especially when textures were added

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