13 October 2014

Found words

When you sort a heap of papers, does the categorisation tend to look like this at some point ... perhaps the point of maximum despair?
Then it all gets put away (what you don't see is the overflowing bin!) and it feels good.

Curiosities emerge, often on the backs of pages torn out of magazines. Here, I discovered the drawing of horses by Joel Person - and a puzzling little sentence in a 1990s review of some book about linguistics: "The genetic basis of language is illustrated by the existence of a family half of whose members cannot form plurals."
And then there are the wise words, heard on radio probably, that appear on scraps of paper. In this case it could have been a programme about scientists and creativity. Make of them what you will -

constraint - rules to rub against

opportunity kills creativity

the right limiting circumstances

purposeful distraction [freeing the unconscious the chug along and come up with solutions]

quieting the judging spectre

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Janis Doucette said...

Oh, I can so relate to the piles! And those notes are like pebbles on the beach!