03 May 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Docklands Museum

In the new introductory gallery on the top floor - dramatically lit displays, a few areas with slideshows on a large scale (but no annoying commentary, just atmospheric noises)

a  window with a view -

 and many interesting objects related to docks and warehouses, unloading and measuring

Jo's capstan, used on a dry dock, with its interesting cracks

Joyce's jolly wooden sailor, which decorated the roof of a building
(Baun & Co) on West India Dock 

Sue's deadweight platform scale, late 19th century, and its shadows

Carol's box of tools, with and without colour

Janet B's portrait bust of philanthropist William Vaughan

Janet K's collection of trolleys

My collection of dockers' hooks (and shadows)
Tool of the week - a nice little blank notebook to fill up with drawings, the cover reminiscent of scraperboard (make your own?) -
Surprise of the week - nuggets of snow, or was it soft hail, as we left the museum!

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