28 June 2019

Twilight walk

Because of spending two hours in a car today, and longer than that sat at my table drawing, at 8.30 I'd clocked up only 4,400 steps, somewhat short of my daily target. So I took along some podcasts* and started walking towards the sunset, a startlingly yellow sky making the trees look even darker, going along this street and that one, round corners and along the straight stretches... keeping the camera in my pocket. 

But eventually it did come out...
Haircut, anyone? Come back tomorrow...

A coded warning? "Do Not Graffiti on my Wall"?

Art classes, a short walk away

For many years I waited for the bus outside the vets every morning

This place hasn't changed in the 30-some years I've lived in this area

Super-size robin!

Dead end street

Simply charming

Unusual rose

Building work....

The Rapunzel house?

The biggest mallow bush I've ever seen; it completely filled the garden

Blooming privet everywhere; nasty smell

Alstromeria in a wonderful colour

A big hedge of fuzzy flowers, wonder how long that took to grow
Finally the light was fading and I was nearly back home. Target achieved.

*30 Animals that Changed the World (Tardigrades and vaccine delivery); 5 Live Science (Dr Karl); Tate (The Art of Memory); History of English Podcast (Romantic Warriors - late 13th century). On my new phone, the podcasts didn't transfer over, so I'm keeping it simple at the moment - there are a lot of episodes of Digital Human to catch up with ... not all at once ...

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