10 March 2007


Here's one of the things that's been keeping me busy while gathering courage to update the blogger account (the way they force you to do). Variegated threads, mostly in blues, for stitching on the latest Moon piece.

I needed to see how they looked on dark and light fabric. The ribbons are going to be helpful later on - on the spool, some of these threads look different from the stitch-out.

The next step was to try out some of the fancy stitches on the machine - they show off the variegation in a different way.

The ribbons help orientate the pieces during the sewing together. They've been moved to the back of the quilt.
A close-up of the happiest accident - using an Indian rayon (6 spools for £5) with a long colour-change.
I like the randomness and lack of control - the capacity for happy accidents. But am still not sure how to use variegated threads to best effect. It seems it would be all too easy to over-egg the pudding.

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