10 September 2007

More "rain"

Golden rain, this time, being blown in sheets. (Perhaps not exactly meteorologically accurate.) Both the silk velvet and the pleated metallic organza come from the car boot sale and had previous lives as a skirt (Jigsaw label) and scarf (but who would have worn such scratchiness?).

The variegated metallic thread disappears into the folds of the organza and only just shows up on the velvet (it's best to stitch in just one direction, otherwise you get unwanted "texture" on the velvet). The thread for handstitching is thicker and used here and there on the organza - but is too subtle and disappears into the folds. You really have to get close to the piece to see it -

And the colours, in real life, are palepale gold and sumptuous darkest mossy green.

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