10 November 2007

Another week, another quiltlet

Last week's lesson in Jane's course had us all thinking about what we wanted more of in our lives. I came up with a long list
and various ideas of how to put these into a "shrine" , one of which was to have them as "windows" in houses; another was to have lots of dangly squares (and note the bit of fabric with Chinese characters on it -- one day I'll get back to learning Chinese!) but when I got out the felt to start making the squares, one piece cried out to be used as is. Paris, and buying shoes there (a bad habit I picked up a few years ago) have been on my mind. So with the help of whatever was lying on the worktable, I roughed out something simpler:
The circles are leftovers from the Moon Quilts series; those at the bottom represent the place for the new shoes, which would be shiny fabric in shoe shapes. Or maybe in felt, because that can be made into 3D shoes quite easily - and the inside can be a different colour - but what colour? I was looking for gold or silver to bond onto the felt, but found that peeling off some of the additions left a lovely lime green - perfect for magic shoes -
Meanwhile the Eiffel Tower needed to happen. My memory needed a jog - none of the quickly-made examples seemed quite right somehow... thank goodness for my big book collection: even though most rarely get opened, they're there when you need them
This shape looks a bit more like the real thing. And the magic shoes - winged slippers - are taking shape.
The "trees" (in the Tuileries gardens, so formally set out) are getting their leaves, but what to use for the treetrunks? And why is one of the trees recognisable as Canary Wharf - that's in London, not Paris! It took a bit of searching to find where that tiny scrap of "railroad yarn" got to, but it was perfect - I love leaving London behind and travelling to Paris by Eurostar.
The finished shoes, with wings on their heels (Geminis have mercurial personalities) -
After much anguish about what colour to use for the "Bon voyage" in the upper left, the limey green overtwisted rayon hardly shows at all - even though it took at least an hour to couch down the lettering.
This piece incorporates my wish for more order, and serenity (via the formal planting of trees), more nature (the leaves on the trees), colour and touch (the felt), depth (the layering of the felt, with unseen colours), connection (the intertwining of the strands of wool in the felt), aspiration (the top of the tower reaches above the background), a bit of glamour (the shiny magazine pages used for the trees), a bit of bright lights and hazy mystery, both (the images on the trees), surprise (that little red tassel on its gold thread, at the bottom, which cried out to be added - it might be something to do with learning more Chinese), comfort (felt slippers), oomph (the wings), and enjoyable travel, looking forward to what's around the next corner and feeling able to cope with it. And, taking all the elements together, a wish for developing my unique vision.


Jane LaFazio said...

I just love reading about your creative process! thanks so much for sharing and I love your shrine. and those shoes! divine!

Linda B. said...

Wow, wow and wow again. When I read that you were 'doing' animals I wondered where your course was taking you and now I know. I'm glad that the windows idea was superceded, I don't think you'd have reached this point with the constraint the word/idea of a window would have placed upon you.

I also see the potential for more of this....

Unknown said...

Absolutely fantastic - I just love the way you think from sketchbook to final piece - wish I could work this way - need help!!

artmixter said...

You are having fun...