03 November 2007

Some tips for photographers, found on the back of an envelope. They date back to pre-digital days, but could still be useful -

Taking a portrait? have the subject hold white paper below their chin, to reflect light upward. And/or put them in the shade, eg under a tree.

For a quickly made temporary camera bag, tape together some bubble wrap.

Stretch tights over the lens to get soft focus.

To soften the effect of the flash, put cigarette paper over it.

An easily made reflector consists of kitchen foil, scrunched and flattened, over cardboard.

Shoot from the hip. (For unobtrusive pix?)

And here are some cryptic ones, as written:
-tension on lens - string & foot
-sticky tape on kids hand
-metal polish wadding to remove marks
Make of those what you will. Now I can throw that bit of paper away.
The tree pix, apropos of nothing, are from the Jardin Botanique in Paris in spring and from Kew Gardens, London, in winter.


Kate North said...

I do hope you'll let us know if anyone works out what "sticky tape on kids hand" is supposed to mean :)

Vivian said...

Love the trees & shadows! You have a good photographer's eye.