16 December 2008

2 A's and 2 E's

The "7 things my blog readers don't know about me" meme has been round the houses. A while ago Lisa Call tagged anyone with 2 A's and 2 E's in their name - and, uh, that's me... I'll keep it short:

1. The green stone in the ring I always wear is seaglass.

2. Yesterday I lost my favourite brooch - a brass dog with silvery soldered-on spots. Oh well, it's only a "thing".

3. There are well over a dozen books on learning Chinese on the shelf above the computer - and I haven't opened any of them for over a year.

4. I made my first quilt in 1973, in Cambridge - 5" squares, recycled; double bed size, quilted in the ditch.

5. When it comes to ice cream, my favourite flavour is Nuttin' Butter -- and they don't make that flavour in the UK. It's chocolate flakes and peanut butter ripple in vanilla ice cream.
6. Other than in ice cream, I'm not very keen on chocolate.
7. In 1982, as a project in library school, I indexed a cookbook - but first had to compile it (my favourite recipes) and type it - on those Gestetner stencils. I did a small production run, carefully costed; sold enough copies to break even; had enough left over for Christmas presents, and got a decent mark in the course.
Following Lisa's method, if anyone with an H and 2 R's in their name wants to consider themselves tagged, please do.

The photo at the top is a print by Hilary Tranter on chinese paper - you can just about see the thin, mysterious lines of green and red on the left edge of the paper. Hilary did the gorgeous layout on the book of poems my colleagues compiled for me.

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