08 December 2011

Display "wigwam"

My London Journey bags will be part of the "Xmas pop-up" at Artisan galley (8-23 Dec). My idea for display is a mix of beanpoles and seasonal symbolism, and is made out of bamboo from the garden centre. We painted the sticks red first, then gold ... which took ages but was definitely worthy it.
If you're trying this at home, don't depend on ribbon to hold the sticks together. Tape is a must, especially at the top - the ribbon is mere embellishment.

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Anonymous said...

Margaret, this is so inspirational. Our local church has a Christmas Tree Festival, and we bell-ringers, are always looking for a way to reflect the shape of the spire and a tree - voila, you've done it! Too late for this year, but I'm already excited for the next time.