31 December 2011

Hair du monde

In Paris, we were staying in an area that surely has the world's highest concentration of hairdressers - from the flat we could look down at "Star Elegance". It was fascinating to walk past the shops (slowly) in the evening and see what was going on - so lively, such social centres! They were jam-packed with men and women having haircuts, extensions, etc - and having their nails done, of course. I wanted to stop and stare, like this lady -


June said...

Oh my. I have long, somewhat wildish, somewhat thinning (70 years will do it) hair that is somewhat essential to my somewhat identity.

Do you think that extensions would help me out? Probably not. And help with what, which is an entirely different question.

Happy New Year, Margaret. You are undoubtedly tucked into bed, having watched the New Year in long ago. But I'm still in anticipation, thinking of doing a blog (long ignored) about 2011. Or not, depending.

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