14 January 2012

Art I like - Marian Bijlenga

Large work from small elements, carefully disposed -
The evolution of the work over time (and space) -
Marian Bijlenga's work has been described as "a calligraphy of shadows" -
Some of her materials are cotton, paper, horsehair - as in this "pojagi grid" -
and fish scales (from here) -

Her book Written Weed was published in 2010. Images made of dried leaves, grasses, and seeds look like exquisite writing (photo from here) -


sociedaddediletantes.blogspot.com.es said...

This works are very interesting, poetic and lovely. Thanks

Dijanne Cevaal said...

I love Marian Bijlenga's work and I have her book Written Weed, which reminds me I haven't looked at it for some time. Her work reminds of scribbly gum, Fred Williams markings on his canvasses- just marks and things suspended in space.