12 November 2012

Birds in trees

The birds in the trees on Hampstead Heath seem mostly to be crows -
 Or rooks. I still can't tell them apart.
 If they see you point the camera at them, they fly away, the rascals.

This bird is a parakeet - cut off from the rest of the flock for some reason. It's a shame the dull light doesn't show the bright green of its plumage -
Although the sky was overcast today, the gold leaves still on the trees looked wonderful against the greyness -

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patty a. said...

Birds are hard to capture on film! There was very large hawk in my backyard and he was gone before I could get the camera. There was also one of those giant woodpeckers. They are fun to watch but very distructive. At work there are lots of crows. Sometimes we put out old dry cookies for them and watch the fun!