09 November 2012

Found art Friday

Mere minutes after preparing this photo (a wall at Leigh-on-Sea railway station) for this blog post, I followed a link from Judy Martin's blog and came across this image -
This 2011 painting by Toronto artist Nicole Collins is called Lunar Caustic - it measures 72" x 96", and consists of oil, aluminum leaf, wax and pigment on canvas on board.

Would the painting have made such an impression if I hadn't seen, and photographed, the cracked wall - and had time to look closely at it while cropping my original image? (People sometimes ask, "What do you DO with all those photos?" - well, they seem to come in handy for delightful surprises...)

In any case, the "translation" of the cracks and the areas they define, into a surface of applied sections, makes me think about how these found-art photos could be a basis for further work.

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