19 April 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Geffrye Museum

"Swept under the carpet" is the current exhibition (till September) - servants in London households, 1600-2000. This is a 1630 hall on washing day - men would leave the house to escape the chaos, lucky them. "So home" wrote Samuel Pepys in the 1660s, "the house full with the washing and quite out of order."

I started with the basket and knew the first drawing didn't have things in the right place, so tried again -
And then I noticed the upturned stools in the gloom under the table -
The negative space beckoned, but drawing them seemed impossible, so I got out the ipad and "explored" -
A photo layer and a drawing layer (tracing round the edges)

Photo layer disappears
What the camera does to the perspective is interesting.

Elsewhere ...
The fantasy mural, by Jonathan Early, 1992

Janet has found a horse! but what a strange one...
Janet's large vase

Carol drew the vase too - and used colour sparingly

Joyce combined elements from house and garden
(rather like the mural does, I thought)

Also in the garden, Jo caught  the shadows of leaves between gusts of wind

Sue found birdfeeders and pots of tulips

The gardens are done in rooms according to designs from different centuries, as are the rooms inside the museum -


Linda B. said...

Which app are you using on your iPad? And do you use a stylus? I've not yet managed to trace an image as accurately as this.

Margaret Cooter said...

The app is Brushes Redux, but I think the way forward with accurate tracing in any app is to expand the area you're working on and do the tracing a bit at a time, rather than try to swoop from one side of the screen to the other in one go!

I use my finger - and the Undo tool. The eraser gets a lot of use at the joins, if I want to be really accurate.

Charlton Stitcher said...

I love your play with the iPad - and I agree with Linda B - so accurate!
Another thought, I wonder what would happen if you filled some of the negative spaces with colour ...?!