11 April 2016

Over the Edge

At this stage, it felt so very nearly done ... but there's a decision or two to be made, and a ways to go yet.

After a bit of humming and hawwing about just which type of baking parchment to use
National Collection of baking parchment, in various states of growth and blossom
and finishing the sample - ie, deciding whether or not to use stitches on the layers of parchment - I attached the sleeve to the layers of baking parchment, which had already been machined (invisibly) to make up the right width. Now, that free-falling bit "just" needs to be attached to the woven layer. Ah, but before that can happen, some stitches need adding to the parchment ... quite a few? just a few? The tone of the thread will match the parchment, so the stitches won't be obvious from a distance, but will show as great entangling loops up close.

Nearly ready to send off my entry. All the machine sewing is done, and the machine has been stored under the table. My computer moved into its new home -
Earlier today
I'm really happy to have some clear surfaces! And note the pristine design board ... might have to do something about that....
Now:  pots in progress
 (hand stitched and ready for dipping in porcelain slip)


The finished piece, with subtle stitching in the middle - "On the Edge of Silence" -


Charlton Stitcher said...

It's fascinating to see those stitched pots ready for dipping. I had wondered exactly how you did those and now I know!
I'm also admiring that design board. One just like that has been on my husband's to do list for almost 5 years! The problem is, pathetic though it sounds, I know nothing of that sort that I could produce myself would match up to his high standards ...

Sandy said...

I love this:"National Collection of baking parchment"!

irene macwilliam said...

Your piece for on the edge looks fascinating. I envy your originality.