12 August 2018

FOQ retrospective

The Cloud isn't cooperating by downloading the photos I took at Festival of Quilts, so we'll have those another time, and today it's a retrospective of some items from FOQ in previous years.
2008 - someone taking a photo of my "And Flowers Almost Poems",
which used Chinese characters written like lines of poetry, and
strips of silks. I'm sure it was baffling, but one person at least seemed to like it

2009 - by Yoshiko Jinjenzi, using fabrics she designed

2010 - my favourite piece from Judy Hooworth's mixed media collage workshop
- "One secret of success is to lay them out on a nice big sheet of plain paper - and to
keep your work area as clear as possible."
Exhibition of work by Mary Lloyd Jones
In 2012, too, I looked back at previous years, prior to sneaking away to FOQ for a day, when I should have been putting every effort into preparing my work for the Book Arts degree show.
2012 - Anne Worringer's work uses lots of hand stitch

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patty a. said...

I feel your pain with the cloud. At work I have to use the cloud at a remote location. I don't know if it is the cloud or something with my computer but I am having serious problems trying to get any work done. I have to reboot and get back on the cloud sometimes as many as 15 times in a day. Drives me crazy!