16 August 2012

It's that time again...

... time for Festival of Quilts! I'm taking a day off from show preparation tomorrow to go to the NEC Birmingham to see what's new (and to buy my annual tin of 505 spray, and perhaps some thread...). Here are some pix of things seen last year, with apologies for not knowing whose work they are - if they are yours, please get in touch.
I know from experience that cassette tape isn't pleasant to work with! This is Tape-e-stry #1 made by Annette Jeukens

Words I by Jette Clover

wonderful marks - "handwriting" of a sort
Mary Lloyd Jones' exhibition was a high point - my pix of it are here.

The previous year, 2010, I did a workshop with Judy Hooworth (most enjoyable; see posts here and here) and had longer to look round the show; I also took loads of photos, but rather than any quilt, my favourite pic is some road markings -

Favourites from 2009 are here. I wonder what I'll be looking for, and at, this year.

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AnneJeu said...

Hi Margaret,
The first picture is my work :)
It's; Tape-e-stry # 1 Made by Annette Jeukens

greatings from the Netherlands,