15 August 2012


Work towards the show is all-consuming. I went to college yesterday to put up the mock-boxes and see what they'll look like in the room. They'll be made of MDF and painted white and will be defined more by their shadows than their materials. One will hold the "library of mangled bits" and the other the "blue distance" piece. "The long piece" (which has a title: Little by little, day by day) will cascade from the top of the screen and roll out a little way on the floor. 

People who happened to be around at college gave me good ideas - to put the "balls" on the floor, and to have the Blue Distance box "in a quiet place on its own". Thomas suggested a plinth for the balls, only about 10cm high rather than the floor - and to move the Blue Distance box beyond the seat, where I'll be sitting making the memory ball for several hours a day. (What have I got myself into??)

So I've made a list of materials for him to order, and once they're put together and painted we'll be good to go ... another set of decisions made. Whew, all the decisions...!!

Which leaves just a few books for the "library" to finish (decisions on covers, titles...) and the "reflective writing" to retrieve from this blog. Nearly there! Six days to go with the work that will be in the show. After that, the work for the shop. 

Something for the ears

While doing the daily stitching I've been catching up on radio programmes on the BBC iPlayer, and stumbled on an excellent item about teenage abusive relationships, "Bruising Silence". As it's on Radio 1, there's a lot of musical content of a sort I don't usually encounter, so it's a bit out of my comfort zone to listen to it. This is definitely an issue that needs to be treated in the media that reach teenagers, and something that people of every age should be aware of. On the lighter side, until Sunday 19th you can listen-again to a programme (from Radio 2) about the history of doo-wop music, Street Corner Soul, first broadcast in 2007; or catch the rest of the series on Sundays at 8pm.

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