04 August 2012

Art I like - Pictorial Websters

An amazing book - the video shows how many processes and how much skill is involved in handmade books. Worth the £3500 for the full leather edition; there are only 100 of them. More info on the project is here.

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MAM said...

Hi Margaret! Your email address didn't transfer from old computer (and I'm too lazy to go up and look it up on old one!) Don't think I would pay that much for the book although it is probably more than worth it! I love my old books - a few of which I bought at that little bookstore across from the British Library that last trip! My friend Lisa died early this spring - we had hoped to make the trip again this year but it wasn't meant to be. Are you ready for the Olympic crowds to disappear? I still read your posts on a regular bases even though I seldom comment - school is keeping you busy!
Martha Ann