07 August 2012

An invitation

It would be great to see readers of this blog at the Camberwell MA show in September! The PV is on Weds 5 Sept; it will be very busy, if previous years are anything to go by. (We love a party!)

The show is open 10-8 on weekdays, 11-5 on Sat 8 Sept. The last day is Thurs 13 Sept. I'll be making a piece during the show, every day between noon and 2pm and also between 5pm and 7pm (or maybe 8pm), and also all day Saturday. If you're coming to the show outside those hours, do let me know so I can be there. (I love meeting blog readers, and having a chat.)

The building will be full of MA shows - Digital Arts, Conservation, Designer Maker, Fine Art, Printmaking, Illustration, Graphic Design.


Kathleen Loomis said...

wish I could be there!

Connie Rose said...

Would LOVE to be there. But don't expect to see me. Congrats on the fantastic work you've done!