21 May 2019

Drawing Tuesday - Horniman Museum

It was a bit cold, I thought, for sitting in the gardens, but others in the group were braver than me -
Carol's iris and kakabeak

"How many greens can you find" asked Janet K;
you'll need to turn your head for the border and its shadows

Joyce's old tree

Judith's grass and that old tree

Sue's cactus and its shadows

Najlaa's cactus and a fish from India

Among Jo's many drawings was a "mermaid"

My tuba (and a warm-up on the back of a receipt)

It was a Very Large tuba (BBB ♭) - latterly used as a shop sign
 Extra-curricular activities
Joyce was out with Urban Sketchers again...

... and also brought in some old prints

Carol has been twisting faric into cords of different colours

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