06 October 2020

Drawing Tuesday - glasses

There are many videos on youtube on drawing (drinking) glasses. The three I watched were chosen by length, or rather, shortness.

This one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpbW3Aq0PB0&ab_channel=CircleLineArtSchool -  comes in at 6-1/2 minutes. It has no commentary and starts with "sketchy marks", which made me fear that the artist didn't quite know what he was doing, but I liked that one area was done at a time, initially - and then revisited to balance up tones. An eraser appeared for the tidying up at the end, and adding highlights. One pencil was used throughout (or at least you never saw a change!), the tones resulting from pressure.

The second video was much shorter (3 minutes) and quite sensible, I thought, with sparse commentary, including saying what was being used when. OK, it's drawing a crystal ball, but that's only another kind of glass? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_XBYqoiAOI&ab_channel=FineArt-Tips

The "how many media can you use in 4 minutes" prize goes to this extremely realistic, gold-rimmed glass - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjY71Qp40sg&ab_channel=MarcelloBarenghi  - and you get to see the original at the end!

Of course there are other types and forms of glass than drinking glasses - the crystal ball being one such. Consider also looking glasses, and the glasses that most of us carry around on our noses for some or all of the day. 

Objects made of glass? - beads, light bulbs, car headlights (ok they're probably plastic) ... Sea glass? 

From Carol - A small but quite satisfying drawing today. It made me think about refracted light and of course how to show thick lenses which I might not have thought about before.

From Sue S - an Inherited glass inkpot filled with green marbles. Decided to swivel the lid for more shapes. 

From Richard - Thought I’d do these decanters then do another sketch more truly of ‘glasses’ but I can see I won’t! This seems confused rather than blended between the aquarelle textures when dry and wet, but it’s all learning for me. I might work it up better. I’m finding the photos show me how much I seem to miss with my eyes!

From Judith -  lots of negative spaces this week!

From Joyce -  my glass came from my Grandmother’s house when she died many years ago.

From Mags - Various interpretations in different media of the Victorian glass eyebath given to me as a small child as a vase for daisies. Why is it that the quick biro sketch in my daily drawing sketchbook or the tryouts on my paper 'drop -cloth'  are more satisfying than those done 'properly'? 

From Najlaa - perfume bottle

From Gill - Two monoprints of glasses.

From Ann - I completed this week or so before...of three vases. Loved the intricacies of shapes and patterns forming. 

And finally - my computer glasses turned into a "tracing" monoprint - 

A piece of glass (appropriately!) was inked up, a piece of paper laid gently on it and the drawing on top of that, then the drawing was carefully traced. I had blotted the ink a bit with scrap paper, but the smudges are due to a bit much ink left on the plate, or perhaps to unexpected finger pressure during tracing. I feel that they add to the feeling of blurry vision!

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