13 October 2020

Drawing Tuesday - queues

 A topic that might need a bit of explanation? 

Across the pond, the word for a queue (of people) is a line or line-up. "Are you in this line-up?" or even "Is this the end of the line?" Across the pond, call it a queue and the answer is "Huh?" - !

So, if you can't find a convenient queue to draw "from life"  - there used to be one at every grocery store, where have they gone? - consider the term more broadly ... lines of similar objects. 


a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed.
a list of data items, commands, etc., stored so as to be retrievable in a definite order, usually the order of insertion.

If you're interested in the origin of this strangely-spelt word, look here  - but don't scroll down too far, the discussion goes down a rabithole about Old French spelling! 

A relevant factoid: "Cōda means "tail", and this is the original meaning of the word "queue". In the middle of the 18th century, a "queue" was a plaited pony-tail hairstyle. They were so popular that they were required in the British army - a rule which lasted 100 years."

From Hazel -  I made this drawing from a sketchbook page drawn whilst waiting in the Wimbledon queue in 2011. Today's drawing was made with dip pen, brush and ink on Bristol Board.

From Carol - Here are some of my little wooden travelling people used for my storytelling. Don’t know when I will get to use them again.  Last time they were waiting for the Red Sea to open – this time it looks like its Tescos. NB only one of them is covid secure!!

From Judith - Queues of shoes

From Sue S - A tricky one to find immediate reference for , so used my photo of July 2018 - a queue @ the RAF Centennial show @ Horse Guards Parade. Just pencil with red highlighting rear fuselage.

From Gill - A monoprint with crayon added.

From Ann - I couldn't resist drawing this queue forming at the post office. I saw an interesting range of individuals ...poses and colours plus the stop sign! Strange times...

From Sylvia - Here is my queue.

From Mags - Queuing for the British Museum??? 

No social distancing  and masks, though I suppose if you're headless...

From me - an object that always makes me smile, which the giver (you know who you are!) discovered in a City Lit pottery sale some years ago -

Drawn as quickly as possible with the left hand and a soft pencil - of course it rubbed off on my hand because I started on the left, as is usual with the right hand. It's really only a warmup drawing, but time is short at the moment! I'd like to return to this object. One day....

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