30 April 2008


Wanting to use the lovely shiny old rayon threads found on the March Regional Day bring&buy table, I tried discharging some black fabric - also from the bring&buy - but the bleach splodged out of control. Never mind, artists do something and then respond to that, don't they - so I stitched round the shapes so as to see where to stitch - the rayon threads were being used in the bobbin, and the stitching on the wadding did help with placing the colours. It was very therapeutic to run the machine back and forth, back and forth, and to keep adding more colours till the entire thing was covered - but I'm not at all keen on the result, hence the small picture -
Even so, I've had several thoughts about how to do it "better" next time.... Still have quite a bit of the thread left. The outsides were rather dusty but underneath the thread is astonishingly vivid. I'm enjoying rescuing it.


Sue said...

I like Splodge and think it would make a great component of something bigger!

magsramsay said...

I can't remember exactly where I heard it (probably masterchef!) but when creating new dishes, you're more likely to get the seasoning right if the first time you overdo it.
Perhaps you 'oversalted' the stitching and need to leave some clear areas ( I keep having to remind myself 'less is more' when I get carried away with the stiching - not just machine quilting either)

magsramsay said...

Just reread your post and realised the threads are probably ones I donated! Mum bought loads of stuff from Liverpool Embroiderer's Guild sales table in the 1970's - I'm pleased to think they're finally being used.