16 July 2008

A love of patterning


Aly- Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Hi Margaret, I'm glad you visited me. Your blogs are really a great find! I LOVE London. Was able to study theater there while in college. 43 plays viewed in one term! Loved living there. Your photography is delightful. One thing I never got tired of was photos of and from the rooftops of London. It's so different from here! I was always loooking for things to climb....

Now, I think I'm gonna die of blogger doesn't start allowing me to load photos. It's been "broken" for weeks now and I really enjoy posting my photos too! Please do visiit again, when I'm back to my usual colorful self.

Alysse Hennessey
@ Bliss MOnkey Studio

Sandy said...

Fascinating that the couple are looking at a picture of a man who looks like he doesn't do patterning!
Sandy in Bracknell

Melinda said...

What a great shot!