20 July 2008

Recent encounters with art books- David Nash

These were in the Serpentine Gallery in 1995. My son liked how the pieces seem to have burnt their way through the wall.
This piece is called Downpour
and this is another Downpour -
Views of Nash's studio, an old chapel in North Wales, with some of the pieces he has made over the past 40 years --
In the book Nash talked about the qualities of particular types of wood, and how that influenced what he did with them. And about where he gets his wood - from dead, dying, or already-cut-down trees - sometimes from what he calls "wood quarries". There are many pictures of "wooden boulder" (started 1978) on its 25-year journey down to the sea, including one just before it disappeared -

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Olga Norris said...

That looks fascinating. I have seen quite a bit of Nash's work at Roche Court sculpture garden, and love it.