05 July 2008

Quilting by the Lake

In the QBL quilt gallery you'll see some fabulous work, including this piece by Pamela Mostek, which fills me with awe and envy. Hurry on over to the QBL website, find your favourite, and report back!

Even better, hurry on over to New York for this two-week quilting event - it sounds wonderful.


West Country Buddha said...

Thank for the great link. There's just too many wonderful ones and I can't possibly choose although Pamela Mostek probably has more ticks than anyone else.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Pamela's from my neck of the woods (about 1-1/2 hrs away) and was in the recent POAC Art Quilt Exhibit here in Sandpoint that I also exhibited in. Nice gal - her paintbox series is really something. She's mastered the subtleties that take a simple concept and make it interesting and even mysterious.

Rayna said...

I'm teaching there in '09 -- come and play!!