20 February 2010

Core studies week 8

Back to class - in time for the briefing on setting up the end-of-course show. Next requirment: to submit an exhibition proposal, stating size of space required, lighting, and whether it should be in a dark room. Setting up will be over the weekend of 20 March; the private view is the evening of Weds 24th. And Saturday lunchtime, the course will be over... it all seems very soon ...I tried to think of all the possibilities and eliminate the counterproductive ones, and wrote down what needs deciding and implementing in the next few weeks - these investigations will result in a few worksheets:
-the rickety steps from my nightmares
-how the tiers of the structure are derived from mayan pyramids
-the possible materials for the boxes that will make up the tiers
-if the structure is on a table or platform, what might go "underneath" - if anything
-whether there might be a ceiling over the area, and what it could be made of
-various possibilities for the treads of the steps: plastic? porcelain? paper? waxed fabric?
-lighting effects - especially shadows

We had a chance to look at some sample exhibition proposals from previous years -
And we also had a chance to chat with a tutor about the exhibition proposal, or our portfolios. One of the suggestions arising from my chat was to make a book just for the "travel writing" - so I quickly came up with one folded "boustrophedon" - as the ox plows.
I started using the new notebook on the way home - it's not all that easy to do the travel writing when standing in a crowded train - but that adds yet another "quality" to the outcome. The book now has a brown paper cover, like most of the notebooks I've made recently.

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Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hi Margaret,
Thank you for visiting and your kind comment.
Your note books are very interesting.
The Finsbury Park to Heathrow note books are intriguing.
I love use of line to convey emotions but these showing movement have a beautiful quality.