27 February 2010

Strange Saturday

On the way to my morning meeting I found 20p lying on the street - lucky money! But putting it in my purse once I got to the meeting room, I heard a thump as it fell. No amount of searching under the table found it... So, what's the superstition about losing money that you've just found?On the way back home I was so busy doing "travel writing" that I missed my stop - and found these interesting 1930s(?) wall panels in the next station along the line -
Got home to find my Domestic Assistant baking bread -
and making a big salad for lunch. Kinda sets you up for an intense afternoon in the studio. I'm aiming to do a few worksheets for the portfolio - time is running out.


The WestCountryBuddha said...

Gosh what an assistant. Do you hire him out please? :)

jpsam said...

Beautiful loaves!