21 February 2010

Jet lag opens up the dark reaches of the night for reading. While in Canada I dipped into several books.

Finished this one on the plane going there - translated from Italian, set in Sicily, very enjoyable (and what a luxury to read an entire book in one sitting!) -
A Canadian writer, book partly set in Vancouver but mostly in WW2 North Borneo -
Two from my nephew's bookshelf, both worth reading from start to finish (one day...) -Two from the library, again neither completely read. I'm a big fan of Visser's work - she looks at "the almost invisible ordinary", very eye-opening and thought-provoking -
And this one, still in progress, on the plane home, a biography of Joseph Needham, by a writer of other books on China -
When I was in Cambridge (mid-70s), some people I knew were working with Needham on his massive, complex, fascinating Science and Civilisation in China. Needham died in 1995 but volumes are still being produced.

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