08 August 2011


My two main "puncture" tools are the sewing machine and a tracing wheel, the sort with spikes. (Other puncture tools are lurking around the house, waiting to be found and tried.) These are particularly useful for making lines across paper ... and I'm using those lines as "text", playing with how it might communicate non-verbally.

One aspect of that communication is the "support" - the type of paper (or cloth?) that the line finds itself on. These are intended for experiments - stiff paper, graph paper, ordinary paper, tracing paper, patterned paper, all marked with punctured lines.

Rather boring as such! To take this forward we must consider other characteristics of lines:
spacing, density, "shape", flow, intersection, separateness, reflection, reticence, integrity, weight, conformity, individuality, timidity, boldness, visibility, randomness, intention ... there may be others ...

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June said...

Nice listing on characteristics of line: would be great for thinking about quilting.