16 August 2011

Sketchbook project progress

"Along the Lines" today was the Central Line - which has four end stations - in the west, West Ruislip -
and Ealing Broadway -
and in the east, Woodford (via Hainault), with its charming clocks -
and Epping, which is north as well as east -
(Yes, there were other people around - while we were waiting to leave Epping, a train came in to the other platform, and 39 people came down the stairs, along with four scooters, a pushchair, and a red spirit-level.)

I'm recording the project on my "travelwriting" blog. The sketchbook is almost half full -- after only the first two of the 13 lines! Mind you, the Central line is the longest - today I travelled 94 miles on it, in about five hours.

The plan was to do the tube lines in alphabetical order - but the Circle line and District line, which are next in the list, have sections closed till 23 August. The choice is to wait till then, or to add a new "rule" - along the lines of: if the next line in the list isn't running completely, go down the list till you find one that is. So far the other rules are: take a photo of the line diagram at each end station; photograph randomly (or not) along the way; write station names with connections to other tube lines in capital letters; give the times of arrival at the end stations; do the entire line on the same day; post it online quickly. And: finish the entire project as soon as possible!


beatrice De said...

4 ends station is nothing ! Go to Tokyo to see stations to really get lost !
especialy when no sens of direction.

Kathleen Loomis said...

What a great project! I'm glad you talked about revising the rules while in progress. I had to revise the rules of a new daily project -- they had called for me to cut and paste from the newspaper every day -- because my husband got mad at encountering holes when he fell behind in his reading.

Have fun and keep us posted!

Margaret Cooter said...

Rules are made to be "broken"...

One important rule of any project is "Choose your moment" - !