17 September 2013

Art I like - Mark Bradford

The curvy nature of the following photos shows that they came from a book ... this is an artist that Sarah is currently using for her essay. I don't know much about Mark Bradford, but I'm drawn to the work.

He was born in 1961 and lives and works in Los Angeles. His work is multi-layered, large (often very large!) collage, using materials he finds lying around in the city - often with map-like results. He also makes video, prints, and sculptural installations. 

"Bradford is inspired by the pace and the multiplicity of voices that compete for the public’s attention on the streets outside. The artist’s older works incorporate signs and posters scavenged from the surrounding neighborhoods, with the signage collaged onto his canvases. Although he says he almost exclusively purchases his paper now, he continues to use text from the “merchant posters” he encounters around the city, which advertise the services of lawyers, social services agencies and various other business ventures, reflecting the socio-economic realities of the city’s populace" says this article, from which the photo comes -


Connie Rose said...

Love this work!

Kathleen Loomis said...

I saw a huge show of his work a couple of years ago in Columbus Ohio, and had previously seen three very large pieces in Pittsburgh. It's even more interesting close up. I like it a lot!