04 September 2013

Colour mixing 4

Work on the painted dictionary continues (making language colourful?).
 insecure-insist to jump-jury 651-685
ultramarine, red oxide, titanium white, mixing white, naples yellow,
yellow light hansa, magenta, cobalt blue
 humanity-humph to innards-inosculate 611-649
light blue violet, bronze, titanium white, payne's grey, hooker's green, french ultramarine
 head-health to housel-Hubble('s) constant 577-609
ultramarine blue (red shade), cadmium yellow, titanium white,
payne's grey, mixing white, light blue violet
gold-gonad to haunch-hawk 539-575
cadmium red medium hue, cadmium yellow medium hue, titanium white,
payne's grey, ultramarine
fuero-full to go-god 505-537
emerald, prism violet, titanium white, payne's grey, cadmium red,
cadmium yellow, mixing white
facet-fade to frontier-frugal 451-503
magenta, yellow light hansa, payne's grey, titanium white, mixing white, emerald, violet
 emblem-embroil to eyelet-eyrie 407-449
naples yellow, emerald, titanium white, mixing white, crimson,
payne's grey, yellow light hansa
Page edges, recording the sequence of each session -
Which is my favourite? I really couldn't say, and there are better questions to ask: the mixed colours in each session are linked, but would you use all of them in one painting ... and if so, in what proportion? Would you add any other colour, either as a background, or for an accent? Would you also mix up intermediate hues, or further tints and shades?


Olga said...

I find this a wondrous piece of work. I find it interesting to think of the end words and what might be in between in relation to the colour assigned. I love the noted pages with their colour ends. This is all thought-provoking stuff.

Stitchinscience said...

This is so much fun to view Margaret, a whole new interpretation of the phrases "colourful language". Thank you for being so methodical.

Linda Bilsborrow said...

Never has a dictionary been so stimulating. As Olga says the combination of the end words and the colour names is really exciting.