01 September 2013

Stormy weather

The storms photographed by Mitch Dobrowner are serious storms (how does he get those fabulous pix??). His photos are on show in Los Angeles from 7 Sept to 26 Oct - see here for more details.
Capturing these raging, chaotic, noisy natural phenomena in a single still paradoxically heighten their power; the devastating, incomprehensible beauty of nature at its most destructive is almost overwhelming [says this blog, source of the pix]. Mitch is celebrating the natural world on its own terms: “Landscapes are living eco systems and environments. They have existed well before, and will hopefully be here way beyond the time we are here.”


June said...

The first photo reminds me a bit of Carravagio. Would you guess that I'm contemplating and trying to emulate Carravagio in landscapes? If you are thinking of elephants, everything you see reminds you of elephants:-) Nice photographs.

Del said...

Margaret - Oh, I see our connection. It is the charming, if outspoken June - painter, quilter, comment leave-r.
Thanks for your comment on my Blog post. DelQuilts@...........