06 May 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend diversion

A visit to Kew Gardens, ostensibly to see the rhododendrons ... but it wasn't the rhodos I photographed. We stopped by the Waterlily House to have a look at what was going on there. It's such a magic place, with the reflections of the roof structure on the water as well as the floating leaves and the flowers. Seductive, you might call it. Out comes the camera and suddenly you have another dozen or more photos. This one was taken expressly as a possible subject for my daily painting sessions -
Near the edge of the lake, the greens of the rushes (or whatever) were looking spectacular, with the sunlight from behind -
Also near the lake -
 My only pic of the rhodos -
The bluebells are nearly finished;  this is some other flower - a grand sweep of blue and white towards the river -
How lovely any garden looks in the sunshine, no matter how chilly the wind is! Later it warmed up, and when we got home we were inspired to tackle the task of planting a couple of new roses, a Lady Hillingdon and a Warm Welcome.

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Connie Rose said...

What beautiful photos! Even I've been to Kew Gardens. In these parts, we call rhodos "rhodys."