07 May 2014

Josef Albers

... is known for his work with colour, especially his colour squares, but it's his black-and-white work that's showing on Cork Street, at Waddington Custot Gallery, till 4 June. 

"Nearly 50 selected works testify to Albers's versatility as an artist. Albers's use of black informed his knowledge and understanding of colour. Featuring paintings, works on paper, glass works, photographs and engravings on vinylite, this exhibition promises a fascinating insight into the work of this pioneering colour theorist. "

A longer review is here. "Albers’s appreciation of complex tonal contrasts as a draughtsman, printmaker and photographer would go on to influence his own pupils including Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly and Kenneth Noland. It also informed his ground-breaking and influential book Interaction of Color, Yale, 1963."

Some of his Mexican photos were shown in the recent Mexico show at the Royal Academy - here are more (via) -

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