31 May 2014

Daily painting - stripes/rectangles

At some point in the past three weeks it got harder to imagine which colour to add, so I turned to the colour dictionary that I painted last summer, which has lain neglected for some months.

Sometimes opening it at random was the right way to choose a colour - the random choice fit in with the current colours, or at least didn't clash to badly - but sometimes it just wasn't right, so I flipped through the pages, marking the possibilities, at the end of the session and then chose one of them next day.

Then came the fun of mixing up the colour - "tedium turquoise" for example -

At some point, when the painting was looking quite jolly, the slip I drew from the jar read "sombre". Then the painting became rather too sombre and the aim now is to make it lively again (adding contrast and starting to use high-key colours), starting with these from the colour dictionary -
If the photo wasn't so blurry you could read the headwords that give them their names -

  • panhellenic crimson
  • pigeon blue
  • regress yellow
  • resuscitate yellow
  • tedium turquoise
The colour in the "dictionary name" is the one that was added to get the shade on the page (noted in the inner margin of each page as it was painted) - hence the mismatch of what you see and name given to it.

1 comment:

irene macwilliam said...

playing with your words for colour I was immediately word playing

....pathetic pigeons regress if not resuscitated tediously.