10 August 2014

Garden planning

Doesn't look very promising, does it? Weeds - and subsoil from the excavation that gave us the manhole cover. And concrete. And bins, ah the urban problem of bins!
But there is A Plan ... and it's almost time to put it into action. The "garden" flat is almost ready for occupancy, so once the bags of sand get shifted, work can start on a brick wall to make a raised bed between the bike shed and the bins. The ground slopes, so that will be corrected, and brick paving "with holes in it" put down, and ground cover planted in the holes to spread out over the bricks.  

That's the plan - things could change...  Alas, the bins are always with us ... but the hole in the hedge will be filled, and it will all look much nicer.

Come back next year and see the difference!

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